What is Microsoft 365 Family Admin account ?

Microsoft 365 (Office 365) admin posted 10-05-2024 09:05:57 976 views

| Product type: Account | Password | Very mail (if have)

| Subscription with a specified number of years + Global Availability

  • License can sharing for 5 members (5 any emails). Total of 6 members.
  • Each member receives the following benefits and features:
  • Access and use the latest, premium features of Microsoft 365.
  • Upgrade or directly renew the member's Microsoft account.
  • Outlook: Premium version without ads + 50GB storage.
  • OneDrive: 1000GB storage with data synchronization.
  • Absolute privacy, security, and data protection.
  • Activation and use on a maximum of 5 devices.
  • Use both Online and Offline simultaneously.
  • Efficient work anywhere with premium Microsoft 365 applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ...)
    • Additional Publisher and Access on Windows.
  • Support for all devices including MacBook, Windows, iPad, Tablet, iOS, Android, or other supported mobile devices.

Suitable for families, user groups, or business units.

1. Basic settings for Microsoft 365 Family Admin account

(Includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, Access, Publisher...)

2. Links for Family members